Hurricane Gloss Black

Sick of flushing twice to make sure everything goes?

Sick of having to clean marks off the bowl?

Finding it hard to get on and off your toilet?

We listened to our customers and got designing, to which we present the latest in technology - The Hurricane Toilet Version 2.

The strong flush guarantee means that everything will go first flush, even through old 80mm pipes.

It features that latest in Hurricane Action flushing, creating a powerful vortex that will always flush - no matter what's left in the bowl.

Combining the removable soft close cover with the innovative Thick Seat design with the perfect height pan allows for the most pleasurable seating experience yet.

On top of all these fantastic features features, it's friendly to the environment, with a 4 star rating it's efficient to run and has non marking design.

You'll never find a better toilet than this.