Our Mission

Propel Industries is a company born out of necessity, a necessity to provide innovative products which solve common product problems and delivering them to consumers at an affordable price.

Propel Industries specialises in innovative new products for the construction industry. We’re breaking away from old schools of thought into an age of new design and greater choice. And we’re bringing you along with us.

Our philosophy is simple: ‘To provide all New Zealanders with innovative products that solve common problems at an affordable price.’ What more could you want

We’re different because we’re about you. No more monopolies or lack of choice. We want to give you a wide range of choice, at a price that suits you and your customers.

We’re accelerating innovation by listening to our consumers. We want all New Zealanders to benefit from our products. And we’ll make it our priority to have our products available from building merchants all over New Zealand.

We’re all about quality products and customer service. We take pride in what we do. In an age where it seems there’s less and less service available for merchants, our point of difference is that we’re stepping up on customer care.

About Heirloom
“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.”
–Peter F. Drucker